Programming has always been a brilliant way to learn and study. However, until now, a platform that is fun and easy to use has not existed to do so. RoboGarden's code blocks and visualizer is a tool that can be used to teach any subject: Math, Social Studies Physics, Engineering, RoboGarden can do it all.

RoboGarden K-12 coding curriculum

RoboGarden offers a full comprehensive curriculum to teach coding and programming in a digitized and fully engaging manner. Using the Blocky programming at lower grades and moving gradually to textual languages, such as Python and Java, students will be enjoying the learning. RoboGarden is based on the NGSS standards and use the STEAM framework in their teaching journeys and adventures.

RoboGarden is a simple and intuitive way to learn how to code. This platform shows a clear understanding and accommodation to the K-12 education model. Each course, also known as a journey, is designed with school learning outcomes in mind and takes the student age into consideration. Journeys are built to contain stories that take place in an immersive world complete with interactive graphics and visualizations. The course outcomes are distributed throughout the journey through adventures. Think of adventures as lessons. Each adventure contains a tutorial, a tutorial quiz, five missions that focus on a coding concept that will increase in difficulty, and a quiz at the end that measures the student’s understanding of the concept before moving on to the next one.

The progression of learning becomes more complex and challenging as you move forward. But, what truly sets RoboGarden apart from other competitors is how the platform provides a smooth transition from Blockly to the textual languages, Python and JavaScript. Student begin with visual drag and drop programming and then progresses into scripting languages while solving fun and engaging programming challenges. The first transition replaces blocks with the equivalent code, and then asks questions about each block. This process is repeated until the student feels confident about the syntax of the newly learned language.

In later journeys, the student is required to write sections of the code to complete the specific mission. And eventually, they will have to write out the whole code in either Python or JavaScript. Through this process, the student grows their confidence while progressing from a beginner to an intermediate level coder.

NGSS is a standard of education that is used as a basis for all RoboGarden journeys. It focuses on thinking like an engineer and innovation. As the student advances through the journey, they learn to think like a scientist. RoboGarden is a leader in mixing computer science with engineering and scientific thought processes.

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