Global Campus

Global SIS

Comprehensive student records management - From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school. Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level. Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions. Report designing tool which can generate reports as per user requirements. Exporting of various reports to MSWord, MSExcel, Acrobat, and others. Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Timetable Scheduler . Integration with RFID Tags and barcoding (Student I-Card, Employee I-Card, Invetory,Fixed assets and Library) Scheduled - Automatic Back-up on Network/Sever . User-defined Progress Report Card, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Provisional Certificates etc.

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Global HR

Global HR is a robust and adaptable solution that supports comprehensive applications in human resources management from basic staff record handling to complex administrative payroll and benefits functions in a new revolutionary interface.

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Global Payroll

Global Payroll, the payroll module constitutes a key element in the effective management of human capital. This is especially relevant when we introduce a much higher variable pay element in an employee's remunerations package that can modify and adapt as we go to lower layers. The computations and total pay package will need to be carefully derived and communicated.

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Global ERP

Global ERP is a fully integrated solution that fulfills the core business needs of small and midsize organizations across all industries and market sectors. It is composed of several modules; each module providing some functionalities and services to make your environment more professional, controlled, and integrated. It provides you with tools and indicators that will help you have a better understanding and evaluation of your entire business.

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Global Recruit

Global Recruit is an online web application that integrates an interactive career center to your corporate website. It is built On PHP/MYSQL/Linux Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional career site customized to your requirement. It automates the entire hiring process from creating job requisitions to posting job requirements, attracting candidates, qualifying job seekers, resume processing, and final selection. From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume databases, Global Recruit can handle your entire candidate tracking. Many companies with complex recruitment requirements have implemented this system to streamline the recruitment cycle. Our applicant tracking system has multiple modules and is customized to meet your needs.

Global Event Manager

Global Event Manager is a web-based application for posting and maintaining events in calendar format. The application itself can be installed on a compatible web server, whether it is internal within a corporate LAN, or externally hosted by a web hosting company. The integration with your website is an extremely simple and straight forward process. Additionally, you may add your own logo in the header. Global Event Manager contains several predefined CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) styles, which can changes the general look and the scheme of the application dynamically. Integrating Global Event with your website adds, important functionalities list. Guest can sign in and register in the event, add feedback to the event that has attended and much more.

Global News

Global News has a simple easy to use Admin interface which allows you to post news articles which can go live on your website without changing any code; you can manage it using this simple interface and even attach related documents and photos. Global News is the ultimate news management software for your website. Simple to setup and run, yet provides you with the flexibility and options you need to seamlessly integrate dynamic news into your website. Extensive features include: new and improved built-in image up loader, WYSIWYG HTML editor, specify release and expiration dates for articles, categories, fully searchable, archives, suggest news articles, user comments, printable articles, read statistics, different levels of admin access, and multiple display outputs. Global News is a news, article, event, press release and information publishing system manager. Now it is so easy to run a complete content management system.


The Eye-Market service is a dynamic on-line campaigner and communication tool based on a state-of-the-art contact and document management system. It allows you to create your own database structure depending on your line of business, enter or import your contacts, classify and group them based on your needs, create personalized SMS, MMS, E-mail, labels, Postcard, and Newsletters, and control your important data through your mobile phone and the Universal Mobile Control service. Eye-Market is one of the new generation web applications that offer a lot in the easiest way.