Global ERP

Global ERP

Global ERP is a fully integrated solution that fulfills the core business needs of small and midsize organizations across all industries and market sectors. It is composed of several modules; each module providing some functionalities and services to make your environment more professional, controlled, and integrated. It provides you with tools and indicators that will help you have a better understanding and evaluation of your entire business.


General Ledger

The accounts structure or Chart of Accounts is an extremely flexible tree structure that allows the user to plan and adapt the system to its line of business and business objectives. The main branches are flagged to be corresponding to the profit and loss category or the balance sheet categories; these categories being revenues or expenses in the case of the P&L category or assets, liabilities or both in case of a balance sheet. Sub-groups can be flagged to be either corresponding to the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Current Assets, Current Liabilities, or Revenue.

The balance sheet, the profit/loss and the cash flow statement are all derived from the general ledger and are the most important financial documents in your company.

Bank accounts are an integral part of the General Ledger but they are separately treated to offer you many services such as day-to-day management of your accounts, including reconciling accounts, bank deposits, voiding checks, and others. Moreover, the general ledger provides you with the possibility to create, distribute, manage and track your budgets over the various accounts with the option to block any transaction that will exceed the assigned budget. It also allows you to observe the activity in any account at any given time.

Accounts Receivable

Tracking receivables is an essential part of managing your company's cash flow. Among many other features, the account receivables function allows you to maintain complete customer information, including e-mail address, bill-to and ship-to addresses, month and year-to-date totals, sales history, current balance, highest balance, open credits, deposits, and last payment. It lets you place customers on immediate credit hold until all outstanding issues are resolved. The account receivables function allows you to:

  • Record your daily sales and receipts.
  • Generate customer invoices and monthly statements.
  • Track customers' current and past-due balances.
  • Issue Credit Notes.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable module provides a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures. Beyond recording transactions and obligations to vendors and creditors, the informative financial reports include payables aging and future cash requirements information required for valuable business insights and decision-making. With this function, you can easily:

  • Manage your suppliers' details with all their transactions and balance, purchases YTD comparisons.
  • Individual supplier notes keep relevant data accessible.
  • Complete payment runs on screen prior to approval and issuance.
  • Edit documents any time prior to General Ledger interface.