Global HR

Global HR

Global HR is a robust and adaptable solution that supports comprehensive applications in human resources management from basic staff record handling to complex administrative payroll and benefits functions in a new revolutionary interface.


Manage Employee Information

Global HR provides you with a handful of data groups but does not limit you to them. Users can create their own data group and customize the application to seamlessly integrate the new user groups within all the application functionalities. The data entry module offers you the possibility to either manually enter your staff details or import them. The smart import/export function allows you to import and update your data from external open applications through your custom import and export templates. The module allows you to create unlimited number of groups in a tree like structure and group staff into them by a simple drag and drop operation.

Time, Leave and vacation plan Management

The Time and Leave management function of Global HR allows you to track attendance and leave information and record leave balance, absence, tardiness and overtime. The system can virtually record unlimited leave and attendance history details. Data are grouped by cycle and year and are shared with Global Payroll and integrated with the pay structures.