Global Payroll

Global Payroll

Global Payroll, the payroll module constitutes a key element in the effective management of human capital. This is especially relevant when we introduce a much higher variable pay element in an employee's remunerations package that can modify and adapt as we go to lower layers. The computations and total pay package will need to be carefully derived and communicated.


Payment Cycles

The Global Payroll module starts with defining payment cycles and packages groups or categories of packages. For each group, rules covering basic salaries components, payables, deductibles, taxation rules and work performance identifiers such as absence, tardiness and overtimes are explicitly defined. Once we are happy with these first level rules, an individual master payroll sheet is generated and can be modified depending on your needs and requirements.

Advanced Data Search

The advanced Search function of our modules does not allow you only to search the built-in data structures; it integrates your user data structures into the application and makes them an integral part of it so that you can build any query and base your reports on it. You can also save your search results and move them in new or existing groups under your Staff groups.

Salary Sheet

The salary sheet generated by the payroll system helps the accounts department in distribution of monthly salaries to the employees in the organization. The HR and Payroll modules features can easily be extended by considering other compatible and 100% integrated Front Desk components such as Global Recruit, Eye-Market, Global Call, Global News and Event managers.