Global SIS

Global SIS

  • • World class solution for school management.
  • • Complete decision support system.
  • • Extremely user - friendly.
  • • Integrated structure - avoiding data redundancy.
  • • Modular approach makes easy to add modules later.
  • • It is flexible and customizable to suit individual school needs.
  • • Single Database Server System - Easy to maintain and administer.
  • • It is scalable to incorporate RFID Tags, Smart cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS and Barcode.
  • • Anytime-Anywhere data availability through web for efficient Decision Making.

Key Features

Comprehensive student records management - From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school. Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level. Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions. Report designing tool which can generate reports as per user requirements. Exporting of various reports to MSWord, MSExcel, Acrobat, and others. Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Timetable Scheduler . Integration with RFID Tags and barcoding (Student I-Card, Employee I-Card, Invetory,Fixed assets and Library) Scheduled - Automatic Back-up on Network/Sever . User-defined Progress Report Card, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Provisional Certificates etc.


The accounts module is a complete accounting package in itself. This module features options for daily requirements, ranging from day books, general ledger, schedule balances, trial balance, income/expense statements and balance sheet accounts. The accounts module also allows drill-downs from balance sheets to vouchers. The module also offers a strong portfolio of reports.


The attendance module helps in keeping a tab on the attendance of students and staff. This module helps to maintain the attendance electronically with the facility to customize the process. The attendance module features a new way to log in attendance through the use of electronic hand held devices like Pocket PC's. The module offers a variety of reports to show attendance records.


The examination module covers planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring progress. It enables you to monitor progresses at different levels for various combinations of subjects, examinations and year's for single/all students as well as class/section performance. This module features generation of customized reports and helps in making the process more transparent.

Tuition Fees

The fee module enables you to maintain registers of fee receipts and outstanding amounts on a student/class basis. The fee module has a configurable structure for fines, and its calculations thereof. This module also provisions for scholarship management, fee waivers and optional fees. The module offers various reports for fees related information.

User Management

The security module is one of the most important modules in a school management system. This module is used by the administrator to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Any user logging into the system can access only those functions for which he/she has been granted rights for. The security module is used to assign rights to uses on every screen for add, update, delete, read only & print. The application provides security by module wise security at user group level or at individual user level.


This staff module lets you store all personal, relative, spouse, family, academic, professional, history data regarding a staff member. The staff module generates reports for current staff, transferred staff, retired staff members. The data is also maintained for future reference. The module offers a variety of reports.


The student module enables you to store all personal, academic, professional and history data regarding a student, his/her parents, and his/her siblings. The student module can generate reports for current student, dropouts and transferred students; data regarding alumni students is also maintained for future reference. Various report views are available by student/siblings/parents.

Report Cards

The Report Card module for managing and editing grades, generating grade-related reports, and producing customized report cards, honor rolls, and transcripts. With the Report Card module, your staff can design and print professional-looking report cards in both traditional and skills-based formats. Teachers can also enter narratives using Global Campus or any word processor program, to be included on report cards or progress reports. Manage grades, produce report cards, transcripts and more.


The activities module facilitates the organization of extracurricular activities for students and staff. This module helps, by allocating clubs/houses to students/staff, defining events, short listing participants, entering results, engaging experts/judges and generation of club & house position based on activity performance. All activities being carried out are easily put to paper through the use of various reports.


The discipline module facilitates monitoring and implementation of an important part of an organizations culture, i.e. discipline. It features discipline cards, discipline type and disciplinary action. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.


The front-office module features maintenance activities for appointments, schedules, generation of permission slip for students, gate-pass for suppliers, parents and visitors, dispatches/inward, acknowledgments, logging of complaints, and issuance of transfer/character/bona-fide certificates. With the help of Global Campus, front office morphs into a help desk.

Mobile App

Integreat is an additional service geared to Parent Engagement through real-time student performance updates and convenient communication tools. Integreat helps parents with a suite of tools to monitor student progress and communicate with teachers. Real-time notifications alert parents to important class announcements and reminders. Interactive calendars provide a big-picture view of student workloads, meaning parents can help students stay on track and manage their time. Parents can easily access important services like homework, assessment, attendance, and private communication channels enable one-on-one correspondence with teachers to discuss student progress and growth.


The inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. This module is packed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders, delivery memo, purchase bill, purchase return, employee issue & return, main store issue & return, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving items. The inventory module also facilitates a number of analytical reports useful for Inventory Control.

Infirmary / Health

The infirmary module is a reference for your school's medical needs. This module helps in keeping track of staff & student ailments, issue of medicine, students/staff sent out for treatment, panel of doctors for various examinations, student medical/oral card, doctors' visit schedules, equipment maintenance, first aid training for staff and blood donors list. for a health conscious school, this is a must have module. The module also offers a variety of reports.


The HRD module features proposals for recruitments, advertisements, sales of applications, registrations, and generation of interview/call letters. The information generated here is tracked for follow-ups. The module offers a number of reports.


The pre-admission module is a convenient and a time saving provision to handle and track sales of prospectus, student registrations, and results for written/oral tests, student results and fee receipts. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.


The Library module addresses all library needs and procedures. It provides for issuance and return of books from students as well as staff, barcode, managing reservation for books, use of Dewey decimal system, use of rule master for book groups, restriction by class on issuance of book, dues, maximum/minimum issued books, generate and maintain book catalogues. Various reports are available to represent the information.

Schedulers & Reminders

The Scheduling/Planning function allows you to get a snapshot of all activities in one place and you can also set alerts for you to take action on the scheduled items. Reminders are built with the idea that an application should actually help in reminding about an important task. They make your life easier and facilitate you in giving efficient services. Reminders in Global Campus are module specific.


The transport module is designed to ensure complete control over the school's fleet of buses. This module features bus stop & route allocation to student/staff, number of students on each stop/route, number of stops on each route, maintenance of vehicle log book, vehicle tax & insurance information, vehicle maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for various occasions. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated.


The timetable module has been designed to simplify the most time consuming task in a school, the creation of a timetable. The timetable module features dynamic generation of class/teacher timetables and provisions for a teacher substitution list for absent teachers, a list of teachers teaching a particular subject for a class/all classes, and a list of all class teachers. The information is also presented in various report formats.

Web Reporting

Global Campus provides a web interface to parent to ensure better parent-school co-ordination and up-to date knowledge on all activities of their child. Parents are able to monitor the fee records, miscellaneous activities, examination scores and personality development status from the comforts of their office, home or an internet cafe. Admission/examination results are known instantly without visiting the school. A number of reports are also available.