Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Is a web based two factor authentication solution, which helps to secure your premises from fraudulent visitors. It is one of the modern-day solutions for secure data compilation of visitors. This software helps to authenticate the visitor before allowing them to enter into your premises; thus, secures your business from suspicious visitor. It is used by corporate, multi-tenant, residential buildings, etc. Our Visitor Management System replaces traditional visitor log books in which visitors’ information are entered along with their IN and OUT time. The solution handles the entire process of Visitor Management including registering the visitors, issuing the badges, creating appointments and logging their IN and OUT time digitally with ease.

·          English and Arabic Language support.

·          Attractive User Interface, Responsive Design and High end user controls.

·          Emirates ID integrated.

·          Visitor Check-in less than 20 seconds and auto Check-out for Visitors.

·          Prints Visitors pass/badges.

·          Maintains Visitors history.

·          Advanced Search Filters.

·          Administration and User roles.

·          Alerts and Notifications through Email & SMS.

·          Encrypted Visitors Emirates ID Data for security reasons.

·          Integrated with Active Directory, SMS Gateway, Email integration and Web Camera.