We help Education implement technology to improve the teaching and learning outcomes.

Our goal of providing customers with the latest and most innovative educational systems available in the market. The Educational unit aims to improve the quality of services to educators and play a proactive role in pursuing the Educational Through the dedication, excellent service and quality of products from our business partners around the world, the Educational unit ensures to fulfill the requirements .

Our mission is to transform Education systems with technology-enabled learning experiences that engage a more individualized sense of inquiry and empower the 21st century workforce improved learning outcomes.

Learning Management

Deliver engaging learner experience for users at all levels

  • Schools (KG- 12)
  • Highher Education.
  • Work Place (Goverment, Banks..etc)
  • Training Centers

Training Managment

provides all the tools you need to offer training at any scale

  • Employee Training
  • Customer Training
  • Partner Training

Student Management System (SIS)

Introduce a conducive and structured information exchange environment for integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of a school or college. Some of the other software packages available for this purpose include Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS) and Student Records System (SRS).

Smart Lockers

innovative locking systems are valued across many industries, including Schools,universities , hospitals, commercial sites and leisure facilities. We and our our partner are sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications which can guarantee a secure, reliable, and future-proof smart lock system, all to make locker management easy for you.

Bus Tracking System

We and our partner developed smart services to provide real-time GPS tracking of life forms and assets, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Designed to maximize safety and security, We provides an elegant smart solution to augment security measures for transportation vehicles whether you want to track your school bus.

Devices & IT Support

We are providing latest and smart Education Tablet and classmate PC are powerful learning tools that are part of the flexible, holistic Intel Education Solutions, including a range of devices from tablets to laptops to 2 in 1s, software, content, services and professional development for teachers to help engage students in learning and enhance student achievement. The Software suite includes applications to engage students with tools that encourage inquiry across the curriculum and promote deeper engagement with content , which offers students and teachers access to a global digital content library of more than 225,000 educational titles We offers after sales service as well, as we are providing hardware repair, software repair and spare parts. We help schools to upgrade their current infrastructure or implement a new one. backend servers, routers, Internet, cabling- ..etc.

Safety and security
Keeping your school safe with the right security system, We provide:

  • Flexible security solutions for surveillance of locations and people
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Remote monitoring of alarms, access control and CCTV

We provide free advice and consultancy as part of our school security solutions, including system design, supplying budget costs and drawing up specifications and plans. We have specific experience and expertise in upgrading existing systems without the high costs of a new installation and working with minimal disruption in a school environment.